Custom Web Developer in Apex NC

Specializing in small to mid sized service businesses websites just starting out or learning to tap the Internet and grow their business online.


Not common core math, this math works:

Custom Design + Affordability + Good Search Engine Placement = Your Small Service Business Success!



Family owned and operated website developer, management and search engine placement company to help you do more than design a website, we help you grow your customer base and profits. 

Our primary goal is the success of our clients, success in that they are able to grow their business online, utilizing the Internet as a tool and not a toy.

Utilizing technology is different than using technology, we help them utilize their website as a productive, profitable tool and asset for their service business.

Our secondary goal is to be here when you need us.  Finding someone to do your website is great, but if they aren’t there when you need to make changes or ask questions, it’s pointless.  We have a stable client foundation that gives us long-term stability.

Our long-term goal is to ensure peace of mind in their service business in that they grow their profits.  Forming a partnership while handling all thing website for them so they can focus on what they do best, running their business and spending time with their family.

Our Value Proposition

As a Website Developer, we partner with the business owner to get their website  out front in search engines, in front of potential new customers looking for their products /services.  Service businesses typically need local results first, when the customers are finding them locally, we can expand their reach into adjacent cities and states if they wish to expand their plan.  Sometimes small service businesses don’t even know they can do this, so we explain the process in a way they can understand and when they figure out how it works they get excited.


Who Are Our Clients?

Our primary clients are in the service business Industry, new service businesses, old service businesses or a service business in transition and making a fresh push for new customers.  Service businesses need their phone to ring, it’s one of thoses Industries where sales is mostly dependant on the telephone.  We get that phone ringing by targeting their search online and getting their website in front of people looking for the type of services they provide. 

A partial list of service businesses that typically use us are:  Auto repair shops, body shops, cleaning companies, landscapers, lighting construction contractors, handyman services, paint contractors, plumbers, pet groomers, thrift stores, vape and tobacco stores, furnature refinishing and others.

We are not limited to a specific service business type.  Service businesses all have one thing in common, “the phone”.  Some Industries rely on salespeople, phone banks, email marketers etc.  our typical service business clientele is a one to ten person operation where the owner still works.  We help you grow your business and customer base by targeting new business online, making your phone ring on a budget you can afford

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