If you are a BSET user and a web client you get Free on going support for the Body Shop Estimating Tool (BSET)

When someone buys and downloads the tool from our digital download website BodyShopEstimatingTools.com they provide 2 hours free support.  When a user becomes a web client, we take over and provide free ongoing support.

Body shop websites are a good fit for us because we have in-depth knowledge of the auto body repair Industry.  Writing content and positioing them for search is a natural fit for us.

So if you have purchased and are currently a user of BSETv5.0 or highre and also become a web design and website develpment client that includes search engine optimization.  We can get you a special price on a design plan for your new website and provide free on going support for your estimating tool.

If you are a body shop owner and have not looked at BodyShopEstimatingTools.com, you may want to consider it as its a cost effective Body Shop Estimating Software alternative to the expensive monthly version like CCC, Compest or anything else connected to the Mitchelle data base.   Smaller, lower volume body shops dontdont need expensive monthly point and clicks for writting estimates and managing the repair.

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