Why Clients Love Us

Why a real website and great search engine position is critical in today’s technology filled world?  

Seems like everyone has something they’re doing online these days, those people understand they need to do something, most don’t know what that something should be.  Enter WebDesignManageSEO.com (WDMSEO).  We design your custom website or shared control WorPress platform site affordably and on budget.  Our design prices are accurate to the dollar, no up charging for designs unless the client specifically asks for additional design work outside the scope the norm.  We create your shell (basic website) with all the “Must Have Items”, names, phone numbers, enough photos to convey your business message, mapping information, contact forms, appointment setting etc.  All the things a website needs to have to get down to business attitude.  Google wants this basic information before they will even consider you for the front page, then we grow it over time using some or all of our add-on services.


“Helping You Succeed by Growing Your Sales”


Getting the front page in search is the primary goal, it’s like getting the most valuable piece of real estate for a store front, anchor store in a strip mall etc.  In today’s market, it’s a must!

Top 5 Services We Offer that Builds Value to Your Business and Your Website

  1. Custom design/controlled content responsive design using the WordPress platform
  2. Tools customers can actually use like appointment setting, sending files and photos
  3. Social connections so customers can access your recent posts, right from the website
  4. Search engine positioning to get it in front of new customers
  5. Create a tax-deductible business expense for schedule C advertising and a valuable asset for your business

Ultimatly we give you peace of mind that your website is being taken care of and you dont have to deal with it anymore, we do it in a productive and affordable way.  Social site management, photo album management, back linking to other site that have your business information, ratings and reviews manage (reputation defense) and many other more services.  We even have plans for decorating for the holidays.  Growing your website over time and on budget is the most cost effective way to reach your goals.  More information about our website management services.