Registration, Protection, Maintenance, Transfers.





Website Design

Custom designed from scratch or use WordPress platform for addition client controls and responsive device compatibilities.





Logo and Graphics

Part of the website design process involves graphics and that overlap into logos.  Because we do both in house, sometimes we can do logos free when you have a qualifying plan.  Whenever possible, we always use custom designed graphics to give your website a unique look, stock photos may be used as temporary content until it is replace with something custom.  This saveour client money and spreads the cost out to make.



Website Management

Weather we are starting from scratch or taking over another project, we handle your website to give you peace of mind.  If for no other reason so you can finally say “ok, website is handled”.  We position it for search, add or update content, update the design for trending technologies and handle many or all aspects (including admin) of your website.




SEO (optimising for search)

Making sure your website reaches its intended target is critical for growing sales and your customer base.






One of the many ways your dollar goes farther with us is we give you the ability to pick and choose additional services as add ons.  This way you can scale up or down based on your needs and goals.  Adjusting your plan at the end of the billing cycle is always an option.