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Custom Website Designs

Google Listing  Making sure you show up in Google maps is critical.  The listing will also display additional information on search pages to increase exposure of your website.  We claim or update your listing to make sure its up to date and accommodates your website and the image of your business.

Fully Custom Website –  We start from scratch.   Custom websites are mobile friendly and perform well in search engines, it’s the fact they are unique and have an exclusive design that gives you a competitive advantage.

Corporate (Multi Location) If your company is a franchise or you have hopes of being a franchise, we accommodate multi location websites.  Similar to a home office, find your location set up.

Responsive WordPress –  Using a responsive WordPress design solves two problems many clients have:

  1. Allows more client controls over content, giving them the opportunity to operate their website in-house.
  2. Optimized for PC, Mobile and Tablet (responsive).  Although a WordPress platform website takes longer to optimize for search, it’s a good long term solution for many clients.

Designed around you to reflect your business image and your personality.  The goal here is:  When your new customer finds you online, browses your website and then shows up at your door, they have already made the decision to do business with you, a seamless transition from online to in-person builds trust.  Many servicebusinesses take their service to the customer, a solid website will help you build trust in those situations as well.

To view our plans and pricing, use this link.