Website Management Services
(No Contracts)

Managed Content  Adding content to grow your website, creates value for your customers and search engines.  The design will grow and change over time.  When content is added to a website, pages changes, menus adjust, images are added or removed based on your message.


Managed SEO Strategies  Focus the content for your search criteria.  Includes:  SEO reports, sample searches etc. to locate and pass competing websites.  Add for each city targeted.


Yearly Updates Technologies change, to maintain your edge, the website will need to keep up.  implementing newest design, current trends and advances in websites.  Monthly fee but performed yearly.  Major redesigns are covered and included when you add this.


Seasonal Updates (Holiday Decorating) –  The Holidays are a busy time, keeping up with seasons show your customer you care.  We add graphics and images that reflect the 3 holidays you celebrate.


Managed Photos (Albums) –  You can add the photos to your albums free, we show you how, but if you want us to do it, be sure to include this into your budget.  Galleries are included with all our client designs, using your photos, but albums can be time consuming.  Includes taking the photos as well.


Exclusive, No Compete Agreements –  We often find when we optimize clients for search, we actually compete with ourselves.  If you want us to work exclusively for you, add this item to your budget and we will only work for you.