Live demos are proofs we create for clients, they are specifically designed for live demonstration so they can get a feel for how it looks, navigates and the overall web design.

It’s not for adding content, although some proofs have content added to help educate a new client on the publish and management process, the approval process is for the design only.  Basic content is added to the shell with basic business information, services, forms and enough photos to get your message accross.  Additional content to add additional value to your website is updated moving forward with the management plan.  We never limit the number of photos a client can add to the website, we only limit the time we add them by updating at the scheduled interval.

Samples are screen shot of various site we have done in the past, working on as a sample or had on file from previous projects.  There simply to give you something to look at to help with the creative process.

On the left side of this page you will find the LiveProofs menu, after clicking on them, use your back button on your browser to return.